Plumber Apprenticeship


Your Path to a Prosperous, Successful Career as a Plumber

Skilled plumbers are in high demand. In fact, experts say that while there is currently a shortage of certified plumbers, the plumbing industry is growing remarkably, with no signs of stopping soon. For those in the plumbing industry, that’s great news! It means several earning opportunities and a strong, recession-resistant career with excellent salary prospects.

Whether you are thinking about getting into residential or commercial plumbing, you can get the training and certification(s) you need at Utah Career Center. Our state-of-the-art plumbing apprenticeship program, developed over 70 years, offers the perfect blend of hands-on training, real-world experience, and expert instruction.

When you’re ready to join this thriving industry and launch your career as a plumber, our plumbing apprenticeship can be your best option for getting paid while getting the training you need to become a plumber.

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A call or an email can be the first step in starting your new career in the plumbing industry. You can also check out our FAQs to find out more about the qualifications and requirements for our plumber training program.

How Our Plumbing Apprenticeship & Training Program Works

At Utah Career Center, our plumbing training program takes a multi-faceted approach, combining theory and practical knowledge to get apprentices up to speed with the trade. To do this, our 5-year program entails:

  • Classroom-based training: Our apprentices must attend three night classes each week. These classes combine lectures and hands-on learning to maximize the impact of classroom instruction. Plus, every year, our program offers a traditional summer break.
  • On-the-job experience: Beyond the classroom, our plumber apprentices will complete 1800 hours of on-the-job training every year. This real-world experience is crucial to gaining practical knowledge of what it takes to work as a plumber, both in terms of professional skills and customer experience.
  • Supervision from certified journeymen: Our journeymen offer an insiders’ perspective that can be invaluable when you’re learning the ropes of the plumbing industry. Having a direct line to a true expert can help crystallize everything you learn in the classroom. It can also give you essential insight into various aspects of the job, how to anticipate issues, and more.

Some of the various things our plumbing apprentices learn through our industry-leading training program include:

  • Drafting and reading blueprints
  • Plumbing codes and regulations (state and municipality)
  • Troubleshooting and repair techniques
  • Welding
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Safety requirements
  • And much more!

Our plumbing apprenticeship provides training that covers all major plumbing equipment, from toilets to boilers and beyond, from several major brands in the residential and industrial space.

Upon completion of this program, plumbing apprentices will receive a journey-level status and a program completion certificate.

Plumber Salaries & Benefits

Salaries for plumbers vary, according to experience, the specific avenue of the plumbing industry they work in, who their employer is, and more.

The plumbing apprentices at Utah Career Center start out making about 55% of the journeyman’s rate. Currently, our apprentices are earning $23.07/hour in wages, plus benefits.

For fully trained, certified plumbers, the earnings only increase. Typically, certified plumbers start out earning at least $50,000/year. Experienced plumbers can pull in much more than that, with some earning well over $100,000/year, plus benefits.

Plumbing Career Opportunities & Job Outlook

Certified plumbers can have several job options, including (but not limited to) careers as a:

  • Residential plumber
  • Commercial plumber
  • Pipefitter
  • Steamfitter
  • Pipelayer
  • Sprinkler fitter

Is a Plumbing Apprenticeship Right for Me?

The plumbing industry can be a great fit for many, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not sure whether a career as a plumber is right for you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Can I work in cramped spaces?
  • Am I comfortable with general math?
  • Am I able to regularly work with my hands?
  • Do I like to solve problems and fix things?
  • Can I regularly follow and/or enforce safety rules?
  • Do I have decent people and communication skills?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, becoming a plumber could be a good fit for you!

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Since 1944, Utah Career Center has been offering exceptional training and apprenticeship programs for an array of industries. Jointly administered by UA Local 140 and the Utah Mechanical Contractors Association, our plumbing training programs have been specially developed to instill the latest techniques and best practices while providing training on the newest technologies, equipment, tools, and more. Our goal is to develop skilled plumbers while setting each of our trainees up for long, successful careers.

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